Who is Chooch?

Choo Choo (or Chooch, as his friends call him) is a pink cat from the series, Top Cat! He wears a plain white turtleneck. He's arguably the most educated and intellectual one, knowing quite a few things. Choo Choo is a very interesting individual!

Chooch's personality

Chooch is, at his core, a very sensitive and romantic individual.
He is endlessly devoted to TC and will go great lengths to support him, in fact, he jumps to conclusions and is often times clueless when it comes to TC's schemes.
He is hopelessly romantic, as well, and serves as a foil to the smooth-talking and confident casanova Fancy Fancy. Chooch is shown to be very shy and anxious around girls, and even shows a degree of insecurity, to the point where he doubts himself when it comes to potential mates, who are either too rich, famous, pretty, or all of the above for him.
Chooch is also shown to be quite domestic, knowing how to take care of a baby from his sister, and he can be quite poetic, as well, much to TC's annoyance. He tends to work hard for TC, and he's utterly loyal to his very core.
He is also very kind normally, though he has shown a sassy side at some points, and isn't completely immune to anger, in fact, he's probably the most outspoken about his anger, if not TC.

Chooch's apearance

As you can tell, Choo Choo is a pink cat wearing a white turtleneck.
His tail is large and fluffy with a black tip, his cheeks are long and fluffy, his whiskers are long, he has almond-shaped, siamese cat-like eyes.
He is also the tallest and the thinnest (if not TC) of the gang.
In Top Cat Begins, he has bright green-blue eyes.
He has worn different things throughout the series.

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